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Whose Money Is It Anyway?

If we have some money available to us WHICH BELONGS TO US, we can spend it any way we like no matter how foolish, irresponsible, extravagant or odd that spending may appear to others.

When the superannuation guarantee levy was introduced into the Australian financial process a large percentage of the working population complained bitterly on the basis that they had earned that money and “the Government” were telling them that they couldn’t spend until after they reached their retirement age. And why? Because “the Government” wanted to save money on future pension payments by enforcing saving to fund our retirement years.

During the COVID Crisis one extra financial tap that was turned on was the early (and temporary) access to superannuation accounts. I'm told this led to a sudden increase in the sale of motor bikes!

The French have a very appropriate expression – “Chacun a son gout” (Each to his taste) which stops me from making any comment on how other people spend their money.