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Whose Money Is It?

Last week I raised the age-old question of whether we have a basic right to manage our money in any way we wish it’s ours. The more this question is asked the more we are challenging the organization of our community and the society in which we live.

Karl Marx, apart from being a sociologist, also had claims to being an economist and his concept of profits linked with state owned enterprises was significantly tested when the Berlin Wall was knocked down and Germany, East and West, returned to a single central government.

Every single dollar that finishes up in the government coffers is our money and our government holds its wealth IN TRUST for current citizens. The government wealth is our wealth and the beneficiaries of those holdings, in trust, will also include those kids who are born in the 22nd century.

“Government” of course is at three levels and when politics intrudes, the actions of our trustees can produce curious results…

…and THAT is why we have regular elections!