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What On Earth is Crypto?

If you ask that question often enough you will get a whole range of answers from “I have no idea” to an explanation which will certainly include that it is a new form of currency.

We all know what currency is? The Dollar (US, Australian, Singapore…), certainly the Euro, Yen, Yuan Renminbi…are just a few of the 249 recognised world currencies. But in addition ”currency” can be used to acquire goods or services and can range from rum for the Royal Navy, water for a desert, and personal services (perhaps not always respectable) for an individual.

In its widest sense currency is something (not necessarily some thing) that can be exchanged for goods, services, or other currency.

Remember Barter Card?

When I hear stories of someone cracking the crypto code and raking in dollars or making a six-figure profit, I just pour myself another drink and return to watching TV.