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What is a cheque Grandma?

I’m reasonably old fashioned and a few weeks ago I wrote the last cheque in a book whose first cheque was written almost three years ago. The new cheque book has also 100 blank cheques and it may well outlast me.

Stamp duty on cheques disappeared many years ago and it’s really only a question of time before banks impose extra charges for processing cheques before the final curtain comes down on them entirely. Perhaps the final curtain is also looming for cash - I’ve seen a couple of shops with signs saying “We no longer accept cash – EFTPOS or cards only”.

My grandmother didn’t have a phone in her house and she would walk 2 blocks to the public telephone for something like an emergency because she didn’t like telephones.

Given all the advantages of modern civilisation there is a big question mark over the expression “the good old days”.