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Tilting At Windmills

The economic and environmental costs of the “cheap” electricity that’s produced by wind, water or the sun – without burning a single ounce of coal which creates all that CO2 that trees rely on for a healthy life - will continue to be argued about for the lifetime, I suspect, of your grandchildren who aren’t yet of school age.

I hope my solar cells withstand the next hailstorm that attacks my roof and I do have feelings of regret for the number of dead birds that are killed in wind farms. Most people are unaware that the river that creates the Niagara Falls is diverted every night to produce electricity that costs “nothing” to produce.

Long after I’m gone I suspect there will be motor vehicles that are still powered by gasoline or diesel. Even longer after I'm gone - beyond the end of this century - there will likely still be coal fired power stations - especially if China forges ahead with current plans to build more of them.

Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Don_Quixote_Attacking_the_Windmill_MET_DP868289.jpg