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The Necessities of Life

I once had a client, an elderly Italian gentleman, whose daily cup of coffee (made the traditional way with beans – not from a jar) was critical to his sense of well-being – mental, much more than physical.

His son was mortified that when visiting the nursing home where his dad was languishing he was not allowed to bring take-away coffee, and the home just as vigorously refused to give his father the regular caffeine shot he so enjoyed.

When the old man died, he didn’t die from the caffeine deprivation, but the daily absence of a good single cup of coffee during his final years did not provide him with any sense of well-being or comfort.

I grew up in a house and subsequently, a boarding school, where coffee was not served, even after the invasion of instant coffee, so it has never been a necessity in my life. I also grew up in a house and subsequently a boarding school, where wine was unknown, and yet somehow it has become essential to my well being.

To each their own!