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That’s Where the Money Is! Or Was!

I can’t exactly remember which of the famous US bank robbers who gave as the reason for their many bank heists “because that’s where the money is”.

Money or the lack of it, pervades all civilized societies and given human nature it’s not surprising that the creation of wealth and the accumulation of money is not only carried out by totally honest members of our society.

One of the oft used expressions, somewhat diminished these days, is “safe as a bank”. Armed bank robbers have not disappeared from our society completely but they have been joined and outnumbered by other members of society who seek to extract someone else’s money from banks using technology and subterfuge rather than loaded guns.

Those of us who were brought up to think Robin Hood was some kind of hero because he robbed only the rich for the purpose of helping the poor, need a different kind of financial advice.

Utopia is the only place I can think of where no crooks exist!