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Super Yet Again

When I first went to work compulsory superannuation or its equivalent – provident funds – simply didn't exist. Today's superannuation, with its very generous taxation trappings attached, has been shaped over the years to provide a wonderful opportunity for cushioning whatever financial blows the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s years of your life bring with them.

One of the more difficult tasks in lifestyle education is to convince a 20 year old that they have a wonderful opportunity to prepare for their financial existence 50 years into the future. If they say “I don’t kow what will happen then” one of the answers is to start building a super fund that will provide for retirement years (or even for working years if you like the concept) with certainty.

Once you’re dead, the absence of money is immaterial TO YOU. I had a thank you call last week from an old client reporting how happy he was to have a $400,000 tax free income which was even bringing a smile to his grandkids.

They know that at his age he can’t spend it all before they attend his funeral.