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Soup Kitchens

A couple of weeks ago around breakfast time, I was driving at an unusual hour (for me) and passed a very long queue of not very well-dressed members of the public waiting to have an “ecumenical cup of coffee” from the brigade whose daily offerings of free sandwiches, fruit, tea and coffee have been a feature of Brisbane for over 50 years.

Charity in this case does not begin at home but it does for many in the queue because home for them would be on the streets and in the parks of the city – hopefully with available shelter close by in case of rain. If they do have a bed to sleep in, the rent probably knocks huge chunks off whatever income they receive.

Budgeting is quite difficult if the starting point is income only available as a pension from the government. However, budgeting, even with limited income, is a simple mathematical process with the simplest statement, “You can't spend it if you haven’t got it”, simply not being true.

The bankruptcy courts are always occupied by a majority of those who “spent it without having it”.

Most of the world’s great fortunes were built, or aided in their building, by risk takers who correctly measured the risk and built their fortunes using OPM (Other People’s Money). To say that budgeting is all about balance is rather simplifying the process.

The intelligent, and of course legal way of using OPM is based on having BACKUP but above all, you must have A PLAN. One that will work of course.