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Shut The Gate

During the pandemic we are all getting a lesson (one could say a bitter lesson) in economics. Most of us do not need it and the vast majority of Australians in business certainly do not want it.

It’s been interesting to note that border opening has been promoted as the means of generating wealth for businesses whose customers have been kept at home where they can’t spend their money. Closed borders obviously keep the tourists and their dollars at home where they can only spread Covid to their family members/housemates…in another state!

Many recipients of government money (i.e. “our” money) have spent their windfall in a manner which would attract intense disapproval from the large body of older Australians whose parents had told them sad tales of life during the depression of the 1930’s.

Time will tell on the actual effectiveness of closed state borders but most decisions that have been made for us clearly have an eye on the next election.