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Punting and Betting

I think these two words above mean the same thing – which is “gambling”.

A very large percentage of our population would throw “investing” into the ring with those other three words on the basis that they all mean the same, except that investing is probably regarded as slightly more respectable.

Ever since I got involved in financial services I have always been a trifle shocked to have respected members of the profession (sorry, “industry”) use the words “punt” and “bet” to describe the action of investing arranged either by purchasing a single parcel of shares in a listed company or by depositing the ‘punt” into a particular fund manager’s product.

“Risk”: is a much misunderstood word, but one definition in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary is “the chance or hazard of commercial loss”. Risk is an essential, and for many people, exciting part of life.

If you have a spare hour or two look up “safe” in the same dictionary!