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Plant Your Tree and It Will Grow, Bearing Fruit

I don’t know if the quote above is original, I doubt it. However I recently came across a good example of the benefits of time and patience in the market.

2007-2008 - the year of the last global financial crisis - was not a year in which much celebratory champagne flowed. A client of long standing dropped in the other day to ask for my comment on the investment we started 14 years ago in 2007. (Pardon the “we”, but I was involved).

She received $350,000 when her husband died and was still in a position to invest in superannuation. The current value is $215,000!!! Where has it all gone?

Spent in lump sums - $75,000

Regular drawings - $350,000

That adds to a $290,000 return.

One would hope (and expect) a continuation of that good work on the part of the Fund Manager.