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If you drive a car or even a motor bike, you must be (a)mystified, (b) frustrated or (c) curious as to why watching petrol prices has almost matched the excitement of watching the stock exchange prices and waiting for the price to drop.

Once upon a time I happily owned a car that could go to Sydney without refueling on one tank of diesel. In those days diesel was much cheaper than petrol and the fuel savings covered a couple of night’s accommodation. These days the situation has reversed and diesel is more expensive than petrol but most drivers remain as mystified about the price differential as I was when I drove a diesel car. Oh for a different price perspective!

One enterprising servo used to advertise the petrol price of the day as 40 cents per litre + government charges of 35 cents, but he was ultimately prohibited from doing so, and finally closed in frustration.

Nothing is more frustrating to a motorist than seeing fuel hit the lowest price in weeks, after having filled the tank only the day before.

If you’re determined to wait for the pump price to drop down to the same as last week it’s probably a good idea to keep a 4 gallon drum in your garage.