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I live on a very busy road very close to the city centre and as one of the oldest Brisbane suburbs we have our share of nearby buildings close to or over 100 years old. These are part of our “heritage” and the owners are bound by rules which protect and preserve these gifts from our past.

One such house has been so transformed after renovation that its heritage is barely recognizable but at least the house now looks respectable after being a local uncared for eyesore for many years. It will certainly not attract busloads of tourists seeking a look at part of the city’s distant past.

Another house in the same block, similarly heritage listed and therefore unable to be demolished or removed from site, but with a complete lack of architectural or historical significance, is in the process of being hoisted a further six or seven metres into the air to be transformed from a very ordinary 2 level cottage into an equally ordinary multi-level dwelling.

Whatever happened to property ownership rights?