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One of the characteristics of the human race, and also for some members of the animal kingdom, is the regular repetition of activities which can clearly be defined as habits. Some of these habits are bad or at least not especially beneficial. Some are charming – they “grease the wheels” and make our social life happy. Some are good – they are beneficial for our wellness and economic survival.

For all of us, our life is guided by habits, conscious or otherwise, which have become part and parcel of our person over our lifetime. My one single conscious habit is that I NEVER offer silver coins for payment of any purchase. I have a 25cm high money box into which I empty all silver coins and they only leave the house again when the money box is full.

This habit began shortly after I was taught to count when I began to save copper coins – pennies and halfpennies. In those days a silver threepence or sixpence could buy a substantial amount from the lolly jars of the corner shop, so I had no great motivation to save silver back then.

It takes a fair while to fill my money box, which, when full, usually holds about $300. This buys me and my lovely wife a case of very drinkable wine!

This habit can be translated into a foolproof method of investing which I have occasionally mentioned in earlier blogs. This is the system of dollar cost averaging which allows you, with substantial benefit, to buy more units in a managed fund or more shares when the price is low, and fewer when the price is high.

Everyone, even contemporaries of mine, should try the habit of regular investing.