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“Money” was invented all those years ago as a means of exchange.

This was a very interesting substitute for someone who only had cattle to sell and if he wanted a cabbage and two carrots, what sort of a deal could be done with someone who only grew carrots and cabbages? Dice in a casino can lead to something that is not money but can at least be used to exchange for something else on offer in the casino.

We are all, I think, being involved in a game of financial logistics when government financial sleight of hand and the printing presses are working overtime to produce billions of dollars. Many of those billions are not matched by folding stuff that you can put in your pocket and exchange at the supermarket for groceries, at the optometrists for spectacles, or even at the pub for a schooner.

And along came crypto “currency”. What on earth is currency if it is no longer a means of exchange? Not much different from casino chips – here today and gone tomorrow!

I suspect that this will not be gone tomorrow.