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Blockchain Anyone?

I’m prepared to admit that I simply can’t understand the crypto revolution that I’m sure will be a fact of life when my grandchildren have grandchildren of their own. Only a couple of days ago Bitcoin was adopted as legal tender by El Salvador - the first country in the world to do so!!!

When I was growing up persons who “created” currency were called forgers – and if caught they went to jail. Bartercard as a form of currency had a short life but the exchange rates that are a daily part of the lives of millions of the world’s population have just had to move over slightly to admit the new kid on the block.

There are of course numerous other forms of “currency” but I’m sure that a significant percentage of the owners of substantial (or even tiny) chunks of crypto currency don’t regard themselves as serious investors, even though their mates at the racetrack every Saturday regard themselves as investors and not gamblers.