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Back To Normal

Only 48 more weeks until we celebrate this year’s New Year’s Eve. Will we be watching the fireworks from the banks of the river at Southbank, surrounded by a happy crowd, or on television with our family from the comfort of the couch?

We will all get over 2020 - some of us will take a little longer than others, and of course, when all the problems associated with the dreaded COVID-19 have disappeared, we’ll go back to having to solve the usual problems arising from living and growing up in our various communities.

When I look back on the Great Depression (I was born during it, though I remember none of it), the standout impression for me is that of homeless, poverty stricken, ill-fed citizens lining up at soup kitchens to get a feed.

That situation isn’t part of this pandemic induced financial crisis. The creation of money with nothing to back it but high hopes and expectation has led to a situation that all but a few of us have ever experienced.

Bring on the final whistle when everything reverts to normal – but what on earth is “normal”?