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Are You Insured?

In “Think and Grow Rich” the author, Napoleon Hill, is somewhat scathing in his criticism of insurance companies in general. I think I nodded in approval when first reading his book, partly because of my recollection from law school of the constantly recurring cases of breach of contract that were against a whole range of insurance houses.

Rather unfair I think, when the fabric of our society is much stronger for the comfort provided by insurance companies. Every single mortgagor who has borrowed to buy a house is protected by a contractual obligation to insure the property. Only a small number of families are protected by insurance companies who provide cash or an income replacement when they lose a parent who is an income earner to permanent disability or death.

Thus there is one insurance that I always actively encourage families with kids to invest in, and that is income protection. For the vast majority of working parents their regular income stream from a job is their most valuable asset.