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Are There Any Amateurs Out There?

In my extreme youth in the 1950s I played “A” Grade Rugby, and in those days the snobs among us described one code as being the game for gentlemen played by thugs and the other being the game for thugs played by gentlemen. You can guess which one I played. The “gentlemen”, of course, were not paid.

For the best part of a century sporting professionals – those who made a living from their sport – were not allowed to compete at the Olympic Games.

When Trevor Allen, the Wallaby Captain, defected from the amateurs "game for gentlemen" and started playing Rugby League the tut tut’s could be heard throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Fortunately (I think) attitudes to money in sport have changed significantly over my lifetime.

But it's not just in sport that those attitudes have kept pace with the times. Not so very long ago professionals in many occupations adhered to a self-monitored code of practice which banned advertising. So too did other workers whose jobs were not regarded quite so favourably by many of the population - though any bans on advertising their trade were not self imposed!

Try counting the number of bordellos advertising now in our daily papers.