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The Cost of Marriage

I’ve been married twice and my wife and I recently celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary.

Apart from having a pretty good treasurer, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had a terrific Attorney General who brought into law the no fault divorce.

All that’s necessary after Lionel Murphy’s new law, is to live apart for 12 months – even under the same roof – and then apply for divorce, which will be automatic. That’s the simple bit!

Pre-nuptial agreements over money and other possessions are always based on the premise that the marriage may not last (of course I’d never leave you Darling😍), but are fairly useless 30 years, 4 kids and 6 grandchildren later on.

With no such agreement in place, a battle in court to see who can get the most from or give the least to the departing partner is one of the more unenlightened occurrences in our society today.

But even Lionel Murphy was not clever enough to work out how to stop bitter arguments about money in his newly created Family Court of Australia. That’s where divorcing couples really need a very dispassionate arbitrator so that their last fight is not about money in front of a judge.