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Can I Afford It?

One of the great things about adulthood and earning your own money is that you would normally have unfettered CHOICE about what you spend it on.

One of the best lines of conversation you can have is “It’s my money and I can spend it any way I like.” (For this read “Mum stop telling me what to do” or “You’re not the boss of me”).

The principle behind spending your money wisely is that one choice you have is not to spend it but to save it, either for investment purposes or to buy something that you haven’t got the money for NOW.

“Afford” is a word that should be absolutely objective and should mean being able to meet your commitments (usually financial but can be extended to time or even actions that may have consequences) as and when they fall due.

Most of us, however, tend to be absolutely subjective when using the term afford and it would be normal for two people with identical wealth and income who would vigorously claim that they could not afford to spend their money on something that the other regularly indulges in.

Human nature I guess!