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Made Round To Go Round

The above definition of money I learned before I had turned 10, and I heard it as the response from someone who was criticised for spending money on something of which the critic did not approve.

Recent government moves to get the economy back to “normal” (whatever that is) have demonstrated in spades that the printing presses that have been converting their air into money are operating in the expectation (?wish) of the Government that the recipients of this largesse will go out and spend the money so it can circulate.

The chain of money flowing through our economy is like petrol in our cars, with the exception that once petrol has been converted into energy it has been spent and can’t be used again.

When you have spent your money, it does not matter what you spend it on because it passes to someone else who can then spend it again. The driving force of a prosperous community is not money itself but what that money buys. In all civilized society the biggest spender is always the government.

And who is the “Government”? Us of course!