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COVID-19 Aftermath

The virus pandemic that has hit the world in recent months has hopefully obliged all thinking members of the public to examine their basic values – of patience, of acceptance, of determination, of consideration and putting a brake on selfishness.

There hasn’t been much to laugh about during the period when our whole world has been turned upside-down. The fact that Boris Johnson, Tom Hanks and Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro all became sick, along with millions of other sufferers throughout the world would surely have made most thinking members of society abandon any “us and them” thoughts of superiority.

It’s hard to imagine a situation where someone could legitimately claim that the pandemic had not affected them at all. If it has not done so already it certainly will affect the lives of EVERYONE for some long time into the future.

Just because life is different it doesn’t mean it is better or worse – simply “different” and the basic human values will prevail. The fundamental law of economics coupled with the development of civilization as we know it, will continue to provide opportunities, challenges and rewards.

Hopefully those rewards will consist of something tangible as well as continued warm and fuzzy feelings of goodwill.