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Hard Earned???

The description above has been used so boringly often that these two words are now (and have been so for a long time), a substitute for the word that follows – money!

Cynics or jealous members of the “working class” might even suggest that the world of those who actually have some money is divided between those who earned it the hard way ( translates to holding down a poorly paid job and saving some of it ) and those who got it the easy way of a highly overpaid job or the magic of marriage or inheritance, or both.

I have only had one client who won Gold Lotto and by the time he got to me he was flat broke. With “a little bit of help from his friends” he managed to blow over $1 million in less than a year and he didn’t even get out of the country!

The complex world of wealth distribution simply cannot be arranged on the basis of “To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability to contribute” but in a final analysis that of course is the basis of our tax system…linked

with the role that Centrelink plays in our lives.