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Can You Imagine the Melbourne Cup Being Made of Silver?

Gold, the precious metal, has become dramatically more precious over the past couple of years, supported, as always, by its primary, definitely non-essential, use of being turned into jewellery.

Australia’s conversion from a convict settlement to the wealthy backbone of the British empire effectively started on the goldfields of Victoria and even today Australia remains the primary gold producer in the world.

When I was at school my Senior Chemistry teacher never ceased to extol the scientific virtues of gold, but he was even more enthusiastic about platinum which he thought should be banned in the manufacture of jewellery because of its more effective use in science.

I’m not sure that he would get much support for his idea from, for example, the women of India whose love for gold bangles and necklaces must surely dominate the world consumption of gold.

He would surely have agreed though that my Rolex watch is a valuable piece of scientific equipment!!