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Time to Buy – Time to Sell – Time to Do Nothing

A casual observer (one who has no investments in the share market) would probably be heaving a sigh of relief that he or she is only an observer and not a participant in seeing investments dropping 10% or more in a single day.

Participants will have a range of emotions but I have not yet read of mass suicides by brokers and/or investors like those who did not survive a high jump onto Wall Street in 1929. (Although we did have one some years ago in Brisbane).

The old saying “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” surely demands that any investing you do only includes doing something that you’re comfortable about. This includes listening to your mates telling you how much money they made in investments that you were too timid (or sensible?) to make when they gave you their “hot tip”.

Investing, in anything, should not be a game – it’s not like going to the races or the casino. It’s interesting to note that card counters at the blackjack tables are inevitably banned by the casino operators who don’t want professional gamblers coming through their doors.

There are a surprisingly large number of “professional winners” among the fund managers of the world.