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Nicole Calling

I don’t even pretend to understand what the National Broadband Network does (or is going to do) for me and my communication with the rest of the world.

Over the past year or so I’ve received, on average, three phone calls a month from Nicole who encourages me to hit “1” on my telephone keypad to make arrangements about connecting to the said broadband. If I fail to do immediately now that broadband is available in my neighbourhood, ALL my telecommunication connections will be severed TOMORROW!!

Funnily enough my failure to hit “1” has made no change whatsoever to our capacity to receive and send messages using the miracle of what I can only presume is a narrow band network.

Clearly the spammers of the technocratic world pay no tax on the occasional money they manage to extract from unsuspecting victims of modern day technology.

I will continue to try and avoid them, but I wish my continual hanging up would send a loud bang to their hideyholes.