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Money Isn’t Everything

Every so often I remove from their tiny cases, so that I can wear them, a pair of gold cufflinks that I bought in Hong Kong in the days when the price of gold bullion was fixed at $US30 an ounce.

I am not going to melt them down (they weigh only 9 grams together) but today even that amount of gold would buy a very respectable case of superior wine.

A Dutch friend of mine who grew up in German occupied Amsterdam told me that one of the major items of currency at that time was household soap. You could at least wash with soap – all you can do with gold is admire it.

We should remind ourselves regularly that money is basically a “means of exchange”, but people worldwide (beginning in childhood) have been swapping items, or even services, for years without the necessity of reaching for a purse. These days this practice could also lead to tax evasion which is illegal.