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The first time I ever went skiing I met an 80 year old gentleman whose personal “bunny slope” was the front lawn of the communal dormitory which gave him a “run” of about 20 metres, including turns.

The hundreds, maybe thousands? of 80 year olds who "ski" now, do not don skis and parkas but grab their passports and head off to sun soaked Hawaii or the shops of London, Paris and New York. This kind of skiing is, of course, “spending the kid’s inheritance”.

I suspect that the vehement statements by parents that they have given their kids an upbringing, including the education and above all the opportunity to meet all their goals in middle age without relying on a substantial inheritance, are often made with tongue firmly lodged in cheek.

Making decisions about how to spend your own money is surely a personal matter which does not require the assistance of your children.