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Looking Forward to Today

The fact that I can remember the attack on Pearl Harbour puts me in a clearly defined age bracket. The first time I meet them people often ask me “What did you do?”

There is a basic assumption in our society (set in concrete by the government paying age pensions to 65 year olds) that we all have a use-by date.

Our society is structured in such a way that a very high percentage of our population who have a career (as opposed to a job or a series of jobs) aspire to and maybe even enjoy about 25% of their entire life on this planet in retirement, that is, without work.

Unless you can bounce out of bed each day and utter the words “whoopee I’m going to work today” then you should be looking to do something different. On retirement your time at work will probably have occupied 50% of your entire life.

Don’t waste it!