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Disaster Time

The memories of the 2019/20 bush fire season will last a lifetime for those in our communities who tragically got up close and personal to natural disaster in the worst possible fashion – loss of life, loss of home, loss of neighbourhood and loss of job.

For the vast majority of us the inevitable disappearance of this catastrophe from the news on TV, radio and social media and in the newspapers will allow us to return to the normal menu of politics, sport, scandal, births, deaths and marriages and get on with our lives.

The generosity of Australians as demonstrated by the quantum of money raised to assist those affected financially in a really significant fashion, speaks volumes for our nation as a whole. The amount raised is hardly likely to surprise those of us who have been here for a few decades and have vivid memories of drought, flood, fire and cyclones and the success of the public appeals that followed!

When a well-known footballer blames (or credits??) God for issuing draconian punishment to the Australian Parliament for introducing laissez faire sexual legislation, and a Scandinavian teenage girl is treated as a heroine for telling world governments what they can do to stop the forces of nature, we really are in cloud cuckoo land!