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A Mug’s Game

A couple of weeks ago I referred to a bet that I once made with a mate. The purpose of referring to that occasion was to emphasize that betting generally makes only bookmakers and casinos wealthy - gambling is a mug’s game.

“The exception proves the rule” is a very old saying and there is certainly one outstanding institution in Hobart, Australia, MONA, which is a monument to one very successful gambler’s good fortune. (Note that I did not say “luck”).

A psychiatrist acquaintance of mine once told me that a gambling addiction, as opposed to an annual flutter on the Melbourne Cup, was in his opinion, a greater problem within a household than alcoholism or other drug addiction.

I find it rather bizarre that gambling institutions gently admonish all their clients to “gamble responsibly”. I can’t help reminding myself that a win in the Opera House Lottery led to Australia’s first kidnapping and the death of the 8 year old hostage.