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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Richard Branson’s reply to the question “How do you become a millionaire?” was “Become a billionaire and start an airline”.

I recall a group discussion at school about the definition of a millionaire and the bloke who won the Maths prize more or less settled the argument by saying simply that a millionaire was someone who had a hell of a lot of money.

Clive Palmer in his somewhat chequered career has been accused of toying with the truth by describing himself as a billionaire when some journalists assessed his true worth as only $950 million. “So what” say most of us – it’s still a hell of a lot of money.

In the financial press I am regularly surprised (and offended) by the financial spruikers whose basic assumption is that EVERYONE aspires to great wealth and even more offended by the list put forward by promoters of get (really) rich systems of the comforts you can buy with an endless stream of money.

How you earn (or get) your money, and how you spend it is absolutely personal to us all, as long as it is lawfully obtained. Even begging should be permitted if that is the level of income you can cope with.