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Betting on Certainties

The expression “betting on certainties” should never refer to horses, dogs, racing cars or bikes, and I prefer to interpret that expression to mean betting on the existence of the object of the bet.

I don’t gamble but I once had a $100 bet with a mate that my golf partner would be the winner of the nearest the pin shot on two of the holes we had recently finished. One shot left him with a 3 inch putt and the other with a longer 12 inches. I had seen the shots, my mate had not. Of course I won the bet but after an hour of argument my mate wore me down and we agreed to buy $100 worth of lottery tickets.

Being interested in numbers I grabbed a copy of the most recent newspaper giving results for the Golden Casket just to satisfy myself how many casket tickets with consecutive numbers you would need to buy to be certain of winning any prize at all.

To my horror the answer from that particular draw was 416!!! I rang my mate to give him the good news and to beg him to revert to paying in cash but the $100 had already been spent. As it happened we were in luck. One of the 100 tickets he had bought won $100. That was the only winning ticket we held.

I’d much rather buy a good bottle of wine.