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I have just returned from a short absence from Australia which included a brief return visit to Taiwan – a country that has managed to produce above average news coverage world-wide ever since the defeated Chiang Kai Shek withdraw his troops to relative safety from Mao’s victorious communists.

Not that he left the mainland empty handed, as evidenced by the contents of one of the world’s great museums in Taipei which was defended for many years by US warships patrolling the Formosa Straits.

I have always regarded the term “Communist Chinese” as a contradiction in terms because the Chinese have dominated world trade as individual capitalists since Marco Polo’s day. Russia has its fair sprinkling of billionaires too.

China is so important, financially, in the well being of all Australia, which expression should be extended to “all Australians”. In thinking about that expression it could easily be overlooked that a very large number of Chinese/Australians have contributed so significantly to make Australia the country it is today.

A wander down Little Bourke Street in Melbourne would reinforce that statement.