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Wind In Their Sales (sic)

It keeps the politicians busy and the Bob Brown Adani Crusade probably handed the keys of The Lodge to our Prime Minister, but if we apply some economic questions to the long running global debate on electricity we seem to be remarkably short of rational answers to the basic questions – what is the cost of wind farms? of solar? of water?

Having played golf in Northern Tasmania and with a memory from primary school of geography classes that featured the “Roaring 40’s” I believe that renewable wind power generated in that part of the world need never be concerned about no wind. It seems however that the wind farms are very efficient bird killers, but I wish someone would tell me what is the COST of the power generated.

All of my friends who have solar panels in action attest to their financial efficiency but I would be a little concerned about producing a product (or is it a service ?) with only one customer.

We signed up for solar panels about 10 years ago, but after receiving our fairly substantial deposit, the technician turned up to measure and asked “who was the idiot who said you could put solar panels on this roof”? We got our deposit back and continue to complain about our ever climbing power bill.

From a financial point of view I love the concept of waterfalls, 10 metre tides, sunshine or a steady breeze being the natural “free fuel” to provide our electricity but as an accountant I am still waiting to see a logical (everything included) costing of the provision of all the contending “renewable” resources that will run my lighting, refrigeration, stove and air conditioner.