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Plastic "money"

The vast, and I really mean enormous, majority of citizens have bank accounts with a plastic card attached (or even no bank account), and as a somewhat elderly cash carrying member of the public I am still rather put out when I see kids paying for a single cup of coffee with plastic.

I do have several credit cards and when used they are always paid on time. I usually make a special point of avoiding using a card when the business I’m dealing with adds a 2% surcharge. The value of the “points” added to my account so that I can get “cheap” flights or cruises does not match the money I spend to fly to Sydney or London.

In my student days I learned about cheques and promissory notes. In my library I have a copy of the Bills of Exchange Act of 1884 with “explanatory notes and index”. This was an act to codify the law relating to “Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes”.

In my commercial life I have only experienced the instance where the customer offered a series of promissory notes (not unlike post dated cheques) to cover a debt. None of them were honoured when presented at the bank and the subsequent liquidation produced a nil return.

No wonder that some people only want cash, even honest traders!