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Utopia has no thieves, liars, crooks or tax evaders.

Utopia does not exist.

In our society there are, I suspect, a majority of people who resent paying the amount of tax that they pay, because they think that either the government is “ripping them off” or the government is wasting “their” money.

One of the interesting pieces of American history is the fact that Al Capone finished up in jail, not because of the number of dead bodies he was responsible for, or the millions of gallons of illegal booze he sold, but because he failed to pay tax on the money he accumulated as the direct result of his criminal activities.

We will never get rid of the black economy. Human greed will see to that.

When the handyman quotes $1600 for a new fence – or $1000 as long as payment is made in the folding stuff – neither party is breaking the law AT THAT POINT. It is when the $1000 is not declared as income and no invoice records the transaction that the law is broken.

We still have arguments about the difference between “tax avoidance” and “tax evasion”. Please stay away from the latter - it will land you in hot water!