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Connection Worldwide

Recently I was in Italy before embarking on the last leg of an around the world saga which involved flying east over a period of 4 weeks and visiting 4 countries. When I first left Australia in the 1950s it took me 4 weeks just to reach my destination of London!

Earls Court in those days was referred to as Kangaroo Valley by the Poms who had to put up with youthful Australians making the rite of passage which was like a year long schoolies week.

Examining changes in lifestyle can be exceedingly boring, but the availability and extensive nature of world travel is way up there with the dramatic changes in communication which have shrunk the world during my lifetime.

The cost reduction in both travel and communication in post war years is a phenomenon which is still advancing exponentially. The comic book gadgets of my youth are all now old hat.

International travel should now be part of all young Australians’ budget. They will become senior citizens with a lifetime of wonderful (and inexpensive) memories to rejoice in.