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Putting your money where your mouth is!

Recent events in the legal/commercial world, mixed with rugby union and religious beliefs, signal what promises to be a VERY expensive court case, and raise questions (and not many answers) about the mixture of ethics, religion, supporting a cause and putting your money where your mouth is.

The footballer at the centre of this turn of events is a millionaire several times over because he has received a salary which acknowledges how good he is at his chosen profession (and because I’m sure he has a very good financial advisor!).

The last time I gave money to a beggar was in Italy where a man begging on the footpath was accompanied by a small dog and a medium sized rabbit. My contribution, very modest, was I hoped destined to provide food for the two very cute animals.

I haven’t heard of any members of the legal profession stepping up to the plate to provide legal services on a pro-bono basis to this aspiring litigant. Perhaps they are offended by his disdain for fornicators and adulterers, including those who aren’t members of the LGBTI Community.