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Living Wage

The phrase “a living wage” compared with a minimum wage has a poetic ring to it but who is going to make the judgment on what sort of a life you can live on a “living wage”.

I have 3 children and the living wage I needed when they were all at school was dramatically different when they had all left home and I still had the same job and income.

I seem to remember that the “essentials” of life are food and shelter. If we asked a range of people from different socio-economic backgrounds to give a list of the facilities without which life would be unbearable or even not worth living the list would be very long and would certainly include, for some, champagne, Chanel and Mediterranean cruises. For others, shelter, three square meals a day and a decent pair of shoes would mean happiness.

I put my regular walk in the park in my essentials list. It certainly comes in at the right price.

The two beautiful dogs that take me for my regular walk in the park take up a sizable chunk of our household expenses. I wonder if the expense of caring for pets is included in the calculation of the “living wage” , or do we just chuck in a couple of hundred dollars for “Expenses not elsewhere included”?