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Last week I mentioned the changes in world sport which

co-incidentally turned lots of young blokes into millionaires because they were exceptionally good at the sport they chose (or their mothers chose for them).

Jealous souls like us drool at the concept of playing a few games of tennis and walking away with over a million dollars in the bank or adding yet another chunk of money to your already overflowing bank account. A very large number of battlers remain horrified and silent about the cash prizes and cash bonuses dished out to someone else in their society.

These prizes come from discussion and agreement.

This happens in all of our lifetime financial experiences – Request, Quote, Agree (or Negotiate) and even occur in the mind of your local shopkeeper, as long as he is an independent operator.

The good thing about our Western civilization is the fact that most of us are honest. The concept of AGREEMENT is the distinguishing earmark of western civilization.