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Smokes Anyone?

I have only ever had one puff of marijuana (in Canada 40 years ago!) and when I was in school there was none in the playground. In that all male society there were rumours that it was a powerful aphrodisiac although none of my mates was able to provide any evidence – only heresay.

Investment “flavours of the month” come and go – lithium, coal, gold, oil, nickel, etc. etc. and there is no doubt that 2018 has produced the flavour of the year with the Canadian Government’s legislation which legalises the recreational use of pot. The term “pot plant” may need clarification in the future.

Although it wasn't for health reasons I gave up smoking over 35 years ago. On my latest calculation I have saved approximately $45,000 (in 1983 dollar terms) which at the time was more important than clearing my lungs of residual tar.

Unfortunately dramatically high taxes don’t have much effect on tobacco smoking, even or especially among those members of our society who go without the necessities of life in favour of cigarettes.