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The Pension

In early September the Prime Minister announced that the measure proposed by the last Labor Government to increase the pension eligibility age to 70 has been revoked and the current age of 67 will stand.

The reason given was that it was introduced as a budgetary measure that is no longer needed. In other words “we” can afford to pay all those 68 and 69 year old Australians the pensions they will now be entitled to.

I recall a news item from my youth recounting that Harold Macmillan, while living at 10 Downing Street, received a letter congratulating him on reaching pension age and asking him if he wanted to receive it! That is a bit of a departure from the Marxist tenet “to each according to his needs”.

My mother and her mother before her used to save money and their only incomes were the age pension. I’m very pleased that I don’t have to try and do it, but unlike my mother I don’t smoke.