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Share some time?

I have several friends who own timeshare entitlements and at the time of purchase, probably in the 1980’s, the significant marketing push relied on reciprocity. You could transfer your entitlement in Noosa, Surfers Paradise or Moreton Bay to the same time spent in Hawaii, Whistler or Chamonix at no extra cost.

I’m sure that some of them are very pleased to still own their share but those who have long since given up on the idea of time share in favour of expanding their horizons in other ways will be horrified if they attempt to sell their holidays.

A solicitor friend of mine recently arranged the transfer of a two week annual entitlement which involved a property transfer requiring Titles Office registration.

The Office of State Revenue in New South Wales accepted the transfer valuation of $1. I’m sure his clients had paid significantly more than that and heaved a sigh of relief to be able to go somewhere else for the annual cost associated with maintaining “ownership” of 2 weeks of “free” holiday occupancy of the same place year after year.