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Profit is not a dirty word

Governments are elected to govern which means looking after ALL the population in an equitable fashion. To do so they need to do what the rest of us do – namely earn (or somehow obtain) enough money to stay solvent.

They can of course do what we do – borrow money to buy something – but like all of us they must be able to count, to budget, to prepare for shocks, to be honest and to plan for the future.

Karl Marx hated capitalism and thought profit was a dirty word. Somehow there is a strange notion held by a large number of Australians that if a state-owned enterprise makes substantial profit that this is a bad thing and they (the government) are gouging the people they should be protecting and nurturing.

How on earth can you provide an ongoing service without a black bottom line?

Profit is decidedly not a four letter word. It knocks the other four letter word (starts with an L) way out of the ring.