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A day at the races anyone?

I have only ever had three clients who had either won Gold Lotto or its equivalent. All three were broke when they came to me for advice about how to make ends meet! Sermons at that stage are remarkably unhelpful.

I don’t play the pokies, buy raffle tickets or gold lotto tickets, not because I am opposed to gambling (it is your money to do with as you wish) or in fact opposed to any inappropriate disposal of your money. Inappropriate means many different things because what is inappropriate for Jack may very well be perfect for Jill.

I think lots of kids start handling money at the age of about three but as soon as they do that their parents should absolutely ensure that they can count. I haggled with a taxi driver in Bangkok in 1964 when he asked for 8 baht. I countered with an offer for 6 and he agreed immediately. I hope his counting was better than his English!