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Spreading the benefits

Karl Marx was not a politician but he sure has made his mark on the world. No one could deny his appropriate system for managing society – “From each according to his means, to each according to his needs”, in other words the rich feed the poor.

This disdain/dislike/dismissal of capitalism as evil takes us all back to an agrarian equalitarian society, but that is such a Utopian dream for all the old blokes with crook backs who couldn’t pick strawberries even if you offered them $1000 per strawberry.

All party political leaders seek to glorify and bend over backwards to help the struggling “hard working Australian”- why are they struggling because if they are hard working they are also very well paid?

Money always has been and always will be a means of exchange. “Profit” is not and never has been a dirty word. If you don’t exchange it but count it like Midas you will miss the opportunity to be a capitalist i.e. using your spare money to create jobs and opportunities for others with less wealth than you to create wealth for us all.