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I love Charles Dickens as a writer and every so often I refer to my self imposed goal of finishing reading every novel he wrote. “Oliver Twist” was the first novel I ever read from beginning to end, at the age of 9.

Dickens was a successful writer and businessman but some of his works include detail derived from debtors prison, an institution that no longer exists.

Personal bankruptcy is not a fact which would feature as the highlight of a CV to accompany a job application for a position as a financial manager, but the label is not and should not be used automatically to condemn the bankrupt to forever wearing the label of crook or financial incompetent.

Sometimes bankruptcy is the result of bad luck, but the current 3 years of financial direction and management by an outsider (perhaps to be reduced to 12 months) is a small inconvenience to put up with while getting your financial life back on track.